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The Switch Pick gives you multiple gauges in a single plectrum

When it comes to pick gauges, there’s a commonly held belief that thin picks are for strumming, and thick picks are for single notes - but what if you want to play both without changing picks? Enter Switch Pick.

The Switch Pick allows players to switch between 0.6mm and 1.2mm gauges with a simple finger movement.

It aims to address guitarists’ complaints about picks, adding a raised surface detail and centre hole to prevent slippage.

Plectrum connoisseurs will note it’s a similar concept to what Dava’s hybrid picks set out to achieve, but with multiple points on a single pick.

The Switch Pick is available now in red and black - with the option of additional colours, and even your name laser-etched on the pick itself - starting at £2.89 per pack of two. Head over to Switch Pick for more info.

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