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The Natal Walnut Originals kit is a perfect all-rounder, just ask the pros

When looking for the perfect kit with the right amount of punch and uncompromising sound, noted session player and drummer for pop sensation Anne-Marie, Ollie Wiseman knew the Walnut Originals from Natal was the perfect choice.

By offering unmatched versatility with natural warmth and bags of sustain, Ollie’s decision was clear. “Straight away I instantly fell in love with the way they sound. You don’t have to put a lot of effort in to get the sound you want.”

Natal has a rich heritage of providing percussion for some of the greats acts including Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Bob Marley, UB40, Santana and T-Rex. Designed entirely in the UK, the Natal Walnut Originals plays close to the company’s roots by coupling artistic flair with remarkable attention to detail.

Ollie Wiseman playing the Natal Walnut Originals kit

(Image credit: Natal)

Combining an acoustic kit with his electronic setup was essential and the Walnut Originals fitted the bill, without compromise. “The blend of acoustic and electronic kit is key for me, I want to combine the energy of a rock drummer with electronic sounds.

“Because of the walnut and quality of the shells there’s a lot of depth, even though I have quite shallow toms. In fact, both my rack toms are the same depth. I’ve got a lot of electronics set up around the kit so short stack toms fit nicely.

“Some kits I’ve used in the past sound really great when you hit really hard and some sound really wet when they’re hit softly, but these are right in the middle which really helps when blending acoustic toms with electronic sounds.”

If you want to find out more about the Walnut Originals then head on over to the Natal Drums website.