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The Track: Portico on creating Living Fields

As Portico Quartet, Jack Wyllie, Duncan Bellamy and Milo Fitzpatrick - alongside former bandmate Nick Mulvey - first began making music together back in 2005, and scored a Mercury Prize nomination just three years later for their debut LP, Knee-Deep in the North Sea.

Following the departure of Mulvey in 2011, followed by that of his replacement, Keir Vine, in 2014, the remaining trio decided to rebrand and refresh their sound. This year they re-emerged as Portico, now signed to Ninja Tune, home to their gorgeous, more electronically-minded new LP Living Fields.

FM caught up with the trio in their London studio to find out more about the techniques behind their new sound, and how they created the album's title track, which features vocals from Jono McCleery.