Make more music and sound amazing: Reason 9 is here

Propellerhead Software's Reason 9 is here, and with it come new and inspiring tools for musicians and producers.

Propellerhead has always been focused on helping musicians create more and better music. With new Player devices, Pitch Edit, new sounds, many workflow improvements, and the addition of Propellerhead's popular Pulsar dual-channel LFO synth, Reason 9 is the best version yet for taking musical ideas from inspiration to completion.

Here's an overview of Reason 9's new features:

Player devices

Regardless of your skill level, the new Player devices and sounds in Reason 9 inspire music makers by taking them down musical paths that they may have not explored otherwise.

Propellerhead's Player devices consist of three inspiring MIDI tools that enhance your Reason instruments and take your creativity further than ever. Scales & Chords lets you create complex chord progressions with ease. Note Echo allows for near endless exploration of effect possibilities. And the Dual Arpeggio lets you bring new flavour to your instruments.

Pitch Edit

Version 9 also brings the Pitch Edit feature to your music making. Pitch Edit is an entirely new way to neaten up those wayward vocal takes for a totally polished production. Simply drag or click a note into place to work with the timing and pitch of your audio. You can even split notes for further edits or create vocal harmonies.

New sounds

Whether starting a new track or adding new elements to existing ones, having a collection of quality sounds is crucial. Propellerhead has included 1000 cutting-edge new patches from professional sound designers to help unlock that latent creativity.

Workflow improvements

A host of workflow improvements have been added to Reason 9 in order to fast track your creativity and keep you focused on making more music and sounding your best.

Audio to MIDI

Perhaps one of the biggest new features in Reason 9 is the new audio to MIDI functionality. Any monophonic audio clip can now be exported to MIDI with a single click. Perfect if you prefer to sing your melodies, or hum your basslines at the ideas stage.

Visual studio

During those long mix sessions in Reason, visual fatigue can sometimes hamper your workflow, so Propellerhead has added two new visual themes to suit your mood. Alongside the default theme, blue and dark themes have also been added to help you through your projects (and possibly through the night).

To further improve your workflow, a bounce in place function has been added, which enables you to create audio clips from your instrument recordings. Other controls, such as reverse MIDI and automation, are accessible with just one click.

So, whether you're looking for fresh inspiration, new ways to perfect and polish your recordings, or features that will ease and speed up your workflow, Reason 9 has you covered.

For more information on Reason 9, head on over to the Propellerhead Software website. And if you're looking to get more out this update, check out the company's Facebook page to see live streaming events.