Kind of Bloop: Miles Davis gets 8-bit tribute


Miles davis kind of bloop

Miles davis kind of bloop

Jazz legend Miles Davis is the latest artist to have his work re-imagined in the style of an '80s video game; or to put it another way, he's the subject of a new 8-bit tribute album.

The brainchild of Andy Baio, Kind of Bloop is a track-by-track recreation of Davis's seminal Kind of Blue, though it's a rather bleepier (or should that be bloopier?) affair than the original record.

It was released yesterday and is currently available only to those who helped to fund its creation, though anyone will be available to buy it from 20 August for $5. Until then, you'll have to settle for listening to preview clips from the album.

As we mentioned, Kind of Bloop is just the latest album to be released in the 8-bit covers genre - if you like your music as Mario intended, check this lot out.

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