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"Auto-Tune must die" says blog

The bloggers' message, illustrated.
The bloggers' message, illustrated.

Poor old Auto-Tune. For a while, everyone thought it was rather clever; now it seems to be taking the blame for all the world's ills.

Inspired in part by Jay-Z's recently leaked song Death of Auto-Tune, a new blog of the same name has been set up, listing reasons why the plug-in "must die".

Among those cited thus far are: so rappers can stop singing; so T-Pain can never buy anything again; your girlfriend will get hotter; and, perhaps most controversially, because The Bible says so.

Meanwhile, the people who've put the blog together say: "As true hip-hop fans who remember the gritty sounds of Wu-Tang or the kick snare signature Dr. Dre beats, we refuse to sit back and watch hip-hop go down the tubes with Auto-Tune.

"If you are a true hip-hop fan please join us. Embrace us. Twitter with us. Together we can make a difference. And now on to the reasons why Auto-Tune should die…"

As you'll no doubt gather, there's a tongue-in-cheek element to this, but it is incredible just how ubiquitous - and, in this case, loathed - Auto-Tune has recently become.

Coming soon: why Melodyne must be hung, drawn and quartered.

(Via Idolator)