Steinberg Studio Sessions: ARKADI talks studio tips, sound design and how he uses Cubase

(Image credit: Future)

Future Music and Steinberg have teamed up for another series of Studio Sessions.

For this first session, we’re in Los Angeles in the studio of multi-talented musician, electronic producer and remixer ARKADI.

Part 1: Groups & Sidechains “I always use the same kick!”

In this first episode of five, ARKADI tells us about how he discovered Cubase, why he thinks it’s the perfect DAW for electronic music and how he works with groups and sidechains. He also explains why – believe it or not – he only ever uses one kick drum sound in all of his tracks.

Part 2: Staying Creative “What is a real musician?”

In part two, ARKADI tells us about uprooting from Germany to the US, his musical background and how he uses Cubase to inspire his creativity. Watch him demonstrate how he makes use of the Media Bay to find and audition the perfect sounds for his projects.

Part 3: Vocal Tips “This is my favourite part of Cubase”

In part three ARKADI shows off how he uses a variety of plugins and Cubase to edit and manipulate vocals. Watch how he uses Pitch Correct, vintage effect emulations and multi-band compression to nail the perfect vocal sound.

Part 4: Building a groove “We don’t want the beat to sound stiff”

In part four, ARKADI shows us how he creates a sample-based beat. Watch him layer kicks, snares and percussion on Cubase’s timeline and process his sounds with the dAW’s stock effects.

Part 5: My Top 5 Things About Cubase “I don’t have to adjust my workflow to the DAW”

In the final installment of our session, ARKADI counts down his five favourite aspects of working with Cubase. From browsing sounds to custom short-cuts, watch him explain how he shapes the DAW around his own workflow.