Are Squier's new Cabronita Teles the excuse we need to buy a baritone guitar?

(Image credit: Squier)

Baritone guitars are no longer mysterious ultra-niche instruments, the 27-inch scale club is becoming less and less exclusive and Squier's Paranormal series Tele models are one of the reasons. 

It has followed up its initial Classic Vibe and P-90 Paranormal Cabronita Telecasters with new Olive Green and Oxblood FSR finishes and Andertons in the UK now have them in stock here

Sweetwater in the US have the Oxblood versions available here, alongside the Surf Green, Sunburst and Classic Vibe guitars.

Both Danish Pete and Lee Anderton himself make a compelling argument for owning one in the video above. The guitars not only look great but they're ideal for lower tunings, and the demo proves that they're certainly not just for metal – but great for atmospheric alternative tunings. 

You can check them out in the Andertons store for £399 here, alongside the £349 Surf Green and Sunburst models.  

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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