Rockloe demonstrates 10 awe-inspiring guitar riffs with the Spark Pearl Amp

Positive Grid's Spark is getting a 2021 revamp featuring an exclusive, limited version of the award-winning smart practice guitar amp and app. It is distinct and styled, with a snowy white tolex, and trimmed with gold piping. It also presents a contrast-stitched custom carrying strap, and the amp itself delivers the same warm, full tone of its companion amp while adding a commanding and stylish presence to any creative space. 

Spark Pearl includes all of the intelligent features found in the original Spark amp and accompanying app that have inspired guitar players worldwide. It's packed with stunning, customizable tones for electric, acoustic or bass guitar. Spark Pearl allows you to practice, jam and record anywhere you go. 

There's more- you can import music from Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube, and Spark’s smart app will auto display the guitar chords in real time. Users can pick a tempo, riff away, or choose the genre they want and the amp will create a backing track with authentic bass and drum sounds to jam over.

Elegantly styled, Spark Pearl delivers all of the smart features that have inspired nearly 200,000 guitar players worldwide in a luxurious package that will enhance any studio or living space. With limited units available, Spark Pearl delivers exceptional tone for the exceptional few.

Positive Grid Spark Pearl

(Image credit: Positive Grid)

As for the sound? Rockloe  does a phenomenal job demonstrating just how versatile Spark Pearl really is. Starting out with a lighthearted and classic clean-tone featuring a lick from "It Runs Through Me" by Tom Misch, followed up by the legendary dirty-clean lead tone found in "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" by Pink Floyd. Rockloe goes on to impress even further demoing everything from Kansas, to Santana, to Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. There really is a tone for every genre on Spark Pearl.

Want to achieve the Santana's glorious "Black Magic Woman" sound? Call up the British 30 on the Spark Pearl app, add some smooth mid-range distortion and you're set to go!

To find out what the rest of the awe-inspiring guitar riffs are, sit back, relax and drift into the land of licks in Rockloe's video. 

A limited quantity will be available beginning late April, and customers can even take advantage of special pricing for early orders.

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