Perfect guitar pull-offs with this riff of the day from Marc Seal and Elixir® Strings

Starting slow is the best way to build up your speed with guitar playing, and this new riff of the day from pro musician Marc Seal and Elixir® Strings is a perfect example. It uses pull-offs to great effect and is an ideal way to build up your technique faster. 

A pull-off is when the player pulls their finger off the fret, while pulling on the string slightly with the finger as they do so and allowing the note to ring.  In the riff above Elixir® Strings artist Marc Seal demonstrates how using pull-offs in succession for a riff can create fast and fluid melodic guitar lines. 

After illustrating the riff played at full speed, Marc then breaks it down with half speed to allow you to follow. Download the tab for the riff here

Elixir® Strings

(Image credit: Elixir® Strings)

Marc uses Elixir OPTIWEB® Coated 10-46 Light gauge electric guitar strings and NANOWEB® Coated Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings in 12-53 Light gauge. 

"Elixir® Strings always sound stellar and really last!" says Marc. "Because of the coating, they always feel like a new set of strings to me. Honestly, I love them!”

For more information on the full acoustic string range, along with electric and bass options, visit Elixir® Strings and stay up to date on Instagram and Facebook.