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Nektar Keys Week
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KEYS WEEK 2023: Since the launch of Panorama P4, Nektar’s groundbreaking products have been instrumental in moving DAW integration forward. Panorama P4 and P6, as well as siblings T4 and T6, remain the only controller keyboards that deliver a completely integrated and transparent workflow with DAWs such as Bitwig, Cubase, Logic Pro, Reason, Reaper and Studio One.

Nektar’s range of controller keyboards includes products for every purse and need, with Nektar-developed DAW integration the common thread.

Nektar Panorama

Nektar Panorama (Image credit: Nektar)

Nektar Impact LX49+ and LX61+

The LX49+ and LX61+ USB MIDI controllers have everything needed to perform and record. A synth style keybed, pitch-bend and modulation wheels, octave buttons, foot switch socket and eight great playing pads are all included.

A shared workflow across DAWs makes Impact LX49+ and LX61+ easy to use. Mixer and Instrument mode buttons assign faders, fader buttons and rotary controls to mixer or instrument plugin parameters.

In Mixer mode, controls are assigned to the selected mixer channel as well as a full bank of eight channels. Parameter assignments include volume, pan and mute, solo and select.

With Instrument mode selected, the same controls are assigned to control the instrument hosted on the selected track.

Nektar LX 49+

(Image credit: Nektar)

With both the Nektar Impact LX49+ and LX61+, DAW instruments are pre mapped according to the printed labels, with mapping easily customised by the user.

Dedicated buttons for DAW navigation, transport and timeline control are available at all times, regardless of which mode is selected.

For those users without a DAW, Bitwig 8-Track is included, giving a full plug and play DAW integration experience with clips and scenes triggered by the pads.

Nektar DAW integration supports Bitwig, Cakewalk, Cubase, Digital Performer, FL Studio, Garageband, Logic Pro, Reaper, Reason Studio, Studio One with template presets for Live, Mixcraft and Pro Tools.

Get more information about Nektar Impact LX49+ and 61+ here.

Nektar LX 61+

(Image credit: Nektar)

Nektar Impact LX88+

At the top end of the LX range we have the LX88+. With a full 88-note, semi-weighted keybed, LX88+ is truly a step up. LX88+ combines an 88-key semi-weighted USB-powered keyboard with extensive DAW control via nine sliders, nine buttons, eight knobs, eight pads and transport controls. 

Despite the number of features, the LX88+ is compact and light enough to be portable so is the ideal portable 'player's' keyboard. 

LK88+ includes all the functionality of LX49+ and LX61+ with some additions:

• LED illuminated fader buttons.

• MIDI split/layer. 

• MIDI out (can be set up to work as a USB MIDI interface).

• PSU socket if USB power is not available (all Nektar products are powered via USB).

Get more information about Nektar LX88+ here.

Best beginner MIDI keyboards: Nektar Impact LX88+

(Image credit: Nektar)

Nektar Impact LX Mini

Looking for something smaller? The Nektar Impact LX Mini packs a lot of LX+ functionality in a compact form factor with 25 mini keys, joystick control for pitch-bend, modulation plus expression and a jack socket for a foot switch. 

The large rotary gives instant control of the current mixer channel with Instrument mode controlling instrument plugin parameters. An arpeggiator/repeat engine is included with real time adjustment of all settings from the rotary controls. There is also a nifty Part 2 mode which enables playing harmonies or octaves using the arrow buttons for momentary or latching selection.

Get more information about Nektar Impact LX Mini here.

Nektar Impact LX Mini

(Image credit: Nektar)

Nektar Impact GXP49, 61 & 88

The Nektar Impact GXP series is focused on the user looking for a great semi-weighted keybed, aftertouch, foot switch/sustain socket with the option to attach an expression pedal. 

But Impact GXP is so much more. It also features a handy repeat engine which can be adjusted in real time using the user interface for interesting and expansive performances. 

Nektar DAW integration assigns the GXP transport buttons and the large rotary control which control volume on the current track. The included Nektarine software allows hosting of up to 16 plugin instruments complete with individual key range settings for layer and split and plugin slot selection directly from GXP for real-time activation of plugin slots. 

Impact GXP 49, 61 and 88 also comes with the Cubase LE and Retrologue 2 software bundle.

Get more information about Nektar Impact GXP here.

Nektar GXP

(Image credit: Nektar)

Get more information about all Nektar keyboards here.

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