NAMM 2020: Nobels' highly-rated ODR-1 overdrive gets a new Bass Cut edition

(Image credit: Nobels)

NAMM 2020: Guitarists don't need an excuse to buy overdrive pedals – it's an endless quest for tonal nirvana. So when the  cult classic Nobel ODR-1 gets an update, it's hard to resist. And this is an interesting one.

After requests from players, German brand Nobels have added an internal Bass Cut switch under the pedal's battery cover to offer added control over your low end.

In standard mode you'll get the full fat original, but with an internal power circuitry upgrade to allow for 9-18 V capability and allow extra headroom, if you want it. 

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The ODR-1 has proved to be a favourite with pros, especially session players, as it works so effectively with guitars' volume controls for on-the-fly tonal changes in songs. The pedal's wide range is controlled by a Spectrum control tone pot. Turning the knob clockwise increases the bass and treble at the same time. 

The ODR-1BC's (£99) midrange stays untouched in either direction to offer transparency with a pinch of warmth. It can be an especially effective pedal for Strat players as a result. 

To coincide with the ODR-1BC launch, it has been announced that Audio Distribution Group are now the distributor for Nobels in UK and Europe. 

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