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NAMM 2018: Squier's new Contemporary Series modernises Fender classics

NAMM 2018: Squier, the affordable subsidiary of guitar giant Fender, has unveiled a new range dubbed the Contemporary Series that aims to revamp the Strat and Tele format with modern hardware, slim player-friendly necks and metallic finishes.

Scroll down and browse the galleries to see all the new models and finish options.

Contemporary Active Stratocaster® HH

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MSRP: $399.99 / £420

It doesn't take a genius to spot that this is aimed squarely at the heavier end of the market, with a Squier-branded active HH pickup configuration and a Floyd Rose vibrato system. The none-more-black styling is completed with black hardware and a black-painted reverse headstock.

Available in Olympic White and Flat Black.

Contemporary Stratocaster® HH

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MSRP: $349.99 / £350

The Contemporary Strat HH is based around two ceramic humbuckers (with fetching 'zebra' bobbins) and is pitched at players with a need for speed, with a slim C-shaped maple neck and jumbo frets.

Available in Pearl White, Dark Metallic Red and Black Metallic (includes LH option).

Contemporary Stratocaster® HSS

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MSRP: $349.99 / £350

The zebra ceramic humbucker makes a second appearance, here in an HSS configuration. The specs otherwise match those of the HH but this time it's available in eye-popping Ocean Blue Metallic, again with a matched headstock.

Available in Pearl White, Black Metallic and Ocean Blue Metallic.

Contemporary Telecaster® HH

MSRP:  $349.99 / £350

As with the other models in the range a the Tele HH features a slim, C-shaped neck with 12-inch fingerboard radius. There are two ceramic humbuckers with chrome covers, which should offer a hot-rodded Tele tone.

Available in Pearl White, Dark Metallic Red (includes LH option) and Black Metallic.

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