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Maybe Joe Bonamassa was right all along: this mind-boggling guitarist can simulate 7 different effects without using pedals

Our recent interview with Joe Bonamassa - where the guitar hero stated, “Using pedals that make you sound like everything but your guitar is f**king lazy” - caused much consternation among players across the globe. But judging by this video from TC Electronic, maybe he was right all along.

In the five-minute clip, dynamic Danish bluesman Uffe Steen simulates seven different effects without using pedals (apart from a looper to supply the backing, natch).

Sure, not every one is a winner - after all, playing octaves to simulate an octaver is, you know, pretty obvious - but based on this evidence, we’re all feeling pretty lazy right now.

Even TC Electronic weren’t prepared for quite how convincing Steen’s efforts were.

“This is absolutely mindblowing!” the company said in a Facebook post. “If every guitarist played like this, we'd be out of business!”

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