Learn how to improvise melodic guitar solos the easy way

Memorable melody matters in music – it draws listeners in and provides emotive structure to your parts. All guitarists can come up with melodies of their own, and that also means we can all improvise guitar solos. It's simply a matter of trusting your ears and building the relationship between your brain and your fingers. 

To show you how to create strong melodies in a jam situation, Elixir® Strings artist and session player Luca Faraone has a simple approach using three key elements in the video lesson above. He shows you how to start playing melodic and memorable parts over chord changes. 

Elixir Strings

(Image credit: Elixir Strings)

Luca Faraone has toured as a guitarist for artists including Stormzy, Craig David, Rita Ora, Emeli Sandè, Jonas Blue and Camila Cabello. He plays 10-46 Elixir® Electric Strings with NANOWEB® Coating

"Elixir Strings are the longest-lasting, most reliable and best sounding strings I've ever tried," says Luca.

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