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Laney Amplification at Gear Expo Summer 2022: Three Eras of delay in one powerful engine

GEAR EXPO SUMMER 2022: Three Eras of delay in one powerful engine.

The Difference Engine superbly emulates three classic eras of delay.


Its powerful processor then allows you to manipulate time by combining features from each era to form new and stunning, unique delays.


:Laney at Summer Gear Expo

(Image credit: Laney)

Preloaded with 50 artist presets

Created by the players themselves. This handcrafted and gorgeous delay engine comes ready to use without any fuss. Artists such as Tony lommi, Lari Basilio, Vernon Reid, Tom Quayle, Martin Miller, Alex Hutchings, Pete Honore, Billy Duffy,

Jack Gardiner and many more have carefully crafted bespoke delay patches to inspire your creativity. There are also uncanny sound-like patches in the style of EVH, Slash, Andy Summers, the Edge and many others.



(Image credit: Laney)

Performance Grade Display

The Difference Engine features an ultra-sharp, stunning 2.43" OLED display screen. Perfect for all types of performance environments and vantage points.

Powerful and Compact

Handcrafted in the UK - the result of thousands of hours of painstaking research and development - The Difference Engine is feature-laden whilst also compact enough not to waste your precious pedalboard real estate.

Take Control

The 4 surface controls interact beautifully with the screen, creating a fun and immersive user -experience and the multi-function encoder makes the unit intuitive and easy to use.


Powerful, full featured MIDI input and output, supporting both MIDI cc and program changes make the engine easy to integrate into existing pedal boards. Stereo in and out and an expression pedal input further expands the use and control in various rigs.


(Image credit: Laney)


:Laney at Summer Gear Expo

(Image credit: Laney)

Martin Miller: "...The core sound is very good! I especially enjoy what the colour-function is doing to the sound and the tape delay is especially cool"

Tom Quayle: "...I am amazed at how intuitive and easy this delay unit is to use (no manual required!) and the sound quality is off the charts, especially the incredible analogue tape delays and modulation"

Pete Honore: "...It sounds brilliant!!"

Alex Hutchings: "...the sign of any great bit of gear is that you can lose yourself in the Music, I really enjoyed it – sounds great, looks cool and the screen is brilliant".

Max Clilverd – Tom Odell: "...It’s an amazing bit of kit, really intuitive"

Visit for all the details and full spec.

:Laney at Summer Gear Expo

(Image credit: Laney)

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