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Improve your rhythm guitar playing with this funky lesson

Rhythm guitar playing is an essential part of any successful guitarist’s repertoire, and in-demand session guitarist Allan Salmon is here to improve your groove with this funk guitar lesson.

In the video, you’ll learn to play a lick that combines sliding seventh chords, hammer-ons and single notes, all using a funky syncopated rhythm.

Allan goes on to break down the rhythmic aspects of the lick and teaches you how to tighten up your picking hand rhythms by learning where the downbeats land and listening to great drummers.

Another important aspect of great guitar playing of any kind is the strings you’re using - Allan Salmon plays Elixir OPTIWEB Coated Electric Guitar 10-46 Strings.

“Elixir Strings are now essential for me,” says Allan. “They sound fresh gig after gig and feel new for such a long time. I couldn’t use anything else.”

“I do roughly 300 gigs a year and I’ve never found any string that lasts as long as the Elixir OPTIWEB Strings. Tonally they are naturally balanced and the coating is so fine I can’t really feel it.”

Elixir’s OPTIWEB Coated Strings boast a crisp tone, natural feel and the longest-lasting tone life of any electric guitar strings.

For more information on OPTIWEB strings, head over to Elixir Strings.

(Image credit: Elixir Strings)