Harley Benton's new DSP flat response guitar cab could be the ideal solution for your modelling rig

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

The boom in amp and effects modelling units is shaking up how how players seek to hear and be heard on stage, with full range and flat response monitor speakers now in demand for their flexibility to deliver your modelling tones with clarity. Now Harley Benton have stepped in with a keenly priced solution at £209 and packing a comprehensive spec.

The FRFR-112A Guitar DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Monitor is a powered cabinet aimed at players seeking a build a digital rig for gigging and practice sessions with four inbuilt speaker sims, equalizer modes and a tilt-back wedge design. It can also be mounted on a PA stand if required. 

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

The FRFR-112A has a switchable low-cut filter custom voiced 12" woofer & 1" hf compressions driver, 1200-watt class-D amplifier and frequency range 48 hz - 19 kHz (-3 dB), spl 134 db.

The four speaker sims covering classic and modern voices and three DSP equalizer modes are a three-band and five-band guitar EQ plus three-band PA EQ. Each of these offers  ±12 dB level control per band.

It has 2 x xlr / 1/4" jack combi sockets (balanced) with independent volume controls, 1 x xLR (balanced) output connector and a 3.5mm aux input connector for connecting line level devices for playing along with. It also offers three handles for great portability.

Visit Thomann.de for more info 

(Image credit: Harley Benton)
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