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Hands-on demo: Does the Korg Volca Nubass actually need the Nutube?

Simon Arblaster manages to rope in head honcho of Future Music, Si Truss, for another synth-grilling. This time it’s Korg’s newest Volca, the Nubass, that takes a turn on the chopping block.

Equipped with the burgeoning Nutube technology, one would be forgiven that this particular Volca is all about the screaming distortion and huge, ballsy low end. 

However, all is not quite what it seems as we take a closer look at the acid house tool and notice that, perhaps, it’s not all about the Nutube after all?

There are obvious comparisons drawn against the original Volca Bass synth, which we will be taking a closer look at in an upcoming head-to-head video, so stay tuned.

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