"Weird Al" Yankovic channels The Doors on Craigslist

"Weird Al" or Jim Morrison? Hard to tell
"Weird Al" or Jim Morrison? Hard to tell

You're not a real somebody until "Weird Al" Yankovic parodies you. And if that's indeed the case, then The Doors are definitely somebodies - the musical satarist apes Jim Morrison and uses a melange of Doors-inspired melodies in his latest track Craigslist.

The musical homage - an amalgam of When The Music's Over with snatches of other Doors-esque passages - is dead-on, and with very good reason: keyboardist Ray Manzarek plays on the track.

Lyrically, Craigslist sends up the popular classified site with laser-beam focus. Check out this stanza:

Whoa, yeah!

You've got a 65 Chevy Malibu
With automatic drive, a custom paint job too
I'll trade you for my old wheelbarrow
And a slightly-used sombrero
And I'll even throw in a stapler, if you insist

By the way, the "whoa, yeah!" is eerily authentic-sounding. And as for Yankovic's mid-song beat poetry in which he fights with a barista, well, we suspect Morrison is grinning somewhere.

Check it out below. Say, is it just us, or is "Weird Al" Yankovic getting better with age?

Joe Bosso

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