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Walrus Audio harnesses the sound of vintage film projectors for 385 Overdrive pedal

Well, here's a point of inspiration that doesn't get cited much in the guitar world: the Bell and Howell 385 Filmosound vintage film projector. It sounds crazy, but it's this sound that's emulated by Walrus Audio's new 385 Overdrive pedal.

You see, tone-hungry guitarists have been playing through the valve-powered audio sections of these projectors and using them as guitar amps - Bell and Howell's version packs a dual 6V6 output section, and it's this tone that Walrus Audio sought to capture.

The pedal promises amp-like dynamic response, with the ability to cut and boost bass and treble via separate controls, while its internal circuitry ups a 9V input to 18V for more headroom.

The 385 is available to preorder from Walrus Audio for $199. We project good things.