VIDEO: Nuno Bettencourt on his original Washburn N4

Hear what legendary rock virtuoso Nuno Bettencourt had to say about his original Washburn N4 - and hear him play it! - in our exclusive video.

"You know, I can't get rid of it! It's like, I've tried to keep that thing at home tour after tour after tour. Just because of what it's been through - but just every time I pick up another... we've even had it lasered and cloned and get it exact, exact - the years you've put into it cannot be replaced.

"So you pick it up and just go, Oh - there it is: it's like fitting another limb onto your body and it just works. With that guitar I never play guitar, it's like it's just another part of my body. It's become that. With a lot of guitars I'm conscious that I'm playing a guitar. With this original one I don't even know I'm playing it. It sits on you and it's just like a pair of shoes or a baseball glove - the more you use it, the more it forms to your body and becomes a part of you."

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