The best of YouTube: #9

Stewart Copeland loses himself in the music
Stewart Copeland loses himself in the music

Every week MusicRadar trawls YouTube to bring you the greatest, funniest, weirdest and most interesting music clips and videos on the internet. The ninth instalment of our weekly video best contains everything from Synyster Gates to early ‘60s Indorock…


1. How guitar strings are made
We´ve got a ‘how it´s made´ theme this week: first up is guitar strings.

2. Jeff Healey and Stevie Ray Vaughan
The video quality is sometimes poor, but if you want a whiteboy blues shred fest, this is red hot.

3. Synyster Gates solo
The Avenged Sevenfold star is one of metal´s hottest young players. Can he pull off a solo shred spot? Mmm…

4. The coolest band of all time?
Indorock greats The Tielman Brothers perform live in 1960. It starts slowly but stick with it; never before have MusicRadar seen such on-stage antics.

5. Kaki King - Playing With Pink Noise
Some performance fireworks from singer-songwriter and modern acoustic player Kaki King. She can count Dave Grohl amongst her fans (having guested on a Foo Fighters album) and now, she count can MusicRadar too.


1. Build your own microphone
Fancy creating your own condenser for about $20? These guys show you how it´s done. If it´s a bit too complicated though, then how about making your own pop shield instead?

2. Fairlight CMI
See the ‘Computer Musical Instrument´ being demoed on Australian TV in 1980. Also for fans of facial hair (via Create Digital Music).

3. Robot drummer
Enjoy this MIDI-controlled rhythm setup. The MIDI signal was created using Ableton Live. (via Synthtopia)

4. Mysto & Pizzi do Timberlake
Find out how they put together their remix of Justin´s LoveStoned.

5. Rick Wakeman shreds
A few keyboards, a mullet and two very fast hands. Excuse us while we slip out to the bar.


1. How cymbals are made
Cymbals have been manufactured for hundreds of years, and cymbal giants Zildjian are one of the oldest companies in the world. Find out how they're made here.

2. The Bad Plus´s David King drum solo
David King of US prog-jazz outfit The Bad Plus ia an undoubtedly vivacious and enthusiastic chap. Here´s an equally enthusiastic drum solo.

3. Drum machine - unplugged
Here's an acoustic drum machine made out of odds and ends. MIDI support, we´re told, is on the way…

4. Steward Copeland coaching Aled Jones on the drums
Snowman singer Aled Jones has turned his hand to drumming apparently, but he´s having problems. Cue The Police drummer Stewart Copeland who lends him a hand. There´s also footage of Copeland jamming… on the guitar!

5. Chad Smith and Steve White drumoff!
The Red Hot Chilli Peppers giant and Paul Weller´s trusty sticksman go head to head at the Academy Of Contemporary Music.

Still bored? Then watch cats moshing. A lot of cats.


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