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Nick Jonas attributes ACM Awards guitar solo fail to "huge brain fart"

We've lost count of the number of times we've watched the video of Nick Jonas's colossal cock-up at the Academy of Country Music Awards - the Jonas Brother's guitar solo is car-crash TV at its finest (skip to 0:31 in the video above) - but we're pleased to see that the man himself has a good sense of humour about it all, even paying tribute to the spoof covers doing the rounds.

"Just landed in London to all these videos from Sunday night's performance… So funny," he tweeted. "Yes. I screwed up the solo thanks to a huge brain fart."

Fair play. We've all been there at some - admittedly much smaller - stage, as we attested in our round-up of the worst onstage disasters for guitarists.

Prior to his "brain fart" confession, Jonas also shared a user-generated tab of the solo, stating, "We're all human... And shit happens sometimes. But whoever made this... Truly genius."

Master Nick's licks below.