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MXR announces Il Torino Overdrive pedal

Obsessive tonal tweakers will be keen to check out MXR's new Il Torino Overdrive CSP033, the latest entry in the brand's line of Custom Shop stompboxes.

The Il Torino is designed by Italian boutique amp and pedal builer Carlo Sorasio, and utilises MOSFET transistors to replicate the response of valve preamps.

A three-band EQ allows you to hone in on your ideal overdrive sound, while two modes - boost and OD - offer cleaner and more aggressive overdrive textures respectively.

In addition, the pedal's buffered bypass features a Class A low impedance output driver, which promises to maintain's your guitar's natural tone without any loss of high-end.

The Il Torino Overdrive will be available within the next few months in the UK, with an RRP of £102.99, while USA MSRP is $171.41. Check out MXR's demo video above to hear the pedal in action, and Jim Dunlop's website for more info.