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Led Zeppelin thwart bug invasion

Don't mess with Zep
Don't mess with Zep

America is under attack: by oceans of Mormon crickets, devouring every morsel of flora on the landscape. Residents of a tiny town in Nevada called Tuscarora, however, have discovered the ultimate defence… Led Zeppelin.

Or "hard rock music" to be precise. Each year during 'cricket season', the townsfolk create a "boombox perimeter", blasting out the likes of Led Zeppelin (Trampled Under Foot, presumably) and The Rolling Stones. The pesky insects 'stop in their tracks' and disperse.

"Crickets kind of sleep at night, so I would wake up first thing in the morning to get the music on and we would shut the music off at night," Laura Moore, one of the town's 13 residents (see, we said it was tiny), told Wall Street Journal. "The theory was they'd hate heavy metal."

(Via: BoingBoing)