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Get 16 different guitar tones from one cable with UnderTone Audio's capacitance-altering Vari-Cap

In guitar and pro audio circles, capacitance is a hot topic: low capacitance is considered the bastion of transparent tone, while higher levels roll off top-end for more vintage sounds - UnderTone Audio now promises the best of both worlds with the Vari-Cap cable.

Boasting a high-resolution variable capacitance control, the Vari-Cap offers adjustment from 150 pF (that's picofarads, people) to 1650 pF in 15 100 pF steps; in laymen's terms, that means you get 16 different tones from one cable - by our calculations, that's 15 more than you'd get with a regular guitar lead.

The Vari-Cap is the work producer/engineer Eric Valentine and circuit designer Larry Jasper, following Valentine's quest to find cables that perfectly paired with particular guitars and amps.

UnderTone Audio's Vari-Cap is available now for $99.95 from Square.