FIRST LOOK: Vox DA10 digital guitar amplifier

The Vox DA5 mains and battery powered digital guitar amp has become a hit with guitarists across the globe, not just because of its portability, but because of its great sounds too.

Although many would argue that the DA5 is probably the best practice amp currently on the market, Vox isn't a company to rest on its laurels.

The new DA10 not only delivers a similar combination of sounds and features to its smaller sibling, but it also comes loaded with pair of 6.5-inch drivers and increased power for extra spread and projection.

Again, a mic input and trim pot is included on the rear panel and six C batteries allow you to pull the wire from the wall and go walkabout. The best busking amp in the world? Quite possibly.

When a DA10 in classic AC30-style cosmetics arrived at the MusicRadar office we simply couldn't wait to test it out. Here are a series of soundclips that we recorded straight from the DA10's headphone output into our computer, using a Telecaster, just a little software cabinet emulation and leaving the rest of the sounds and effects to the amp.

Clip one

This is a nice, raucous rhythm sound using the Blues 2 style setting, the gain set around two o' clock and a smidgeon of reverb.

Clip two

This is a cleaner rhythm sound using Clean 2 setting with the gain set around three o' clock and a touch more reverb.

Clip three

This is a bluesy lead sound using the Blues 3 setting with the gain cranked up and the reverb set halfway.

Clip four

Again we've used Blues 3 here, but rolled the gain back to halfway and added some delay.

Clip five

Here's a nice throbbing tremolo and reverb combination, again using Blues 3.

Clip six

Finally, all you metalheads needn't worry, the DA10 can rock too. This is the Higain 2 setting with the gain control cranked all the way up.

Hopefully this gives you a taste of what the DA10 can do. For information on the full range, visit the official Vox website.

The MusicRadar team

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