Fender launches guitar-themed wine

We're getting old strings, stale smoke and a overtones of sweat...
We're getting old strings, stale smoke and a overtones of sweat...

We always thought whiskey was rock and roll fuel, but if Fender's latest release is anything to go by it's actually a fruity red that'll put you in the mood to make some sweet music.

That's right, Fender has teamed up with Californian booze-makers Armida Winery to release Fender wines, in their own words "another lifestyle brand extension that allows musicians and music lovers to experience the passion and quality of the Fender brand."

The range includes a Strat-themed Cabernet Sauvignon ("bright, concentrated flavors, substantial body and a bold presence"), a Thinline Telecaster Pinot Noir ("blueberry, raspberry, black cherry and brown sugar flavors that finish with a hint of fruit pie" and a Jazzmaster Chardonnay ("emerges as a prime example of structure and mellow, lingering undertones").

For real guitar-wine connoisseur there's a $500 Telecaster Zinfandel, which we're assured tastes of "a juicy blend of dark plum jam, pomegranate, cranberries and candied cherries" as opposed to thirty years on the road.

The wines are available direct from Fender, and start at $25 a bottle or $270 per case.

For more information visit the Fender wines website.

Read on for the full - incredible - press release...

Fender press release

Fender, the renowned California-based music lifestyle company, has partnered with Armida Winery of Sonoma County, Calif., to develop wines that accentuate the spirit, tradition and quality that Fender and Armida share. Over the past few years, Fender has extended its iconic brand attributes into products such as automobile audio systems with Fender Premium Audio. Fender wines are another lifestyle brand extension that allows musicians and music lovers to experience the passion and quality of the Fender brand. Like its musical instruments, Fender wines embody the endless pursuit of perfection and classic California craftsmanship. Available in several select, robust and complex blends, Fender wines are sure to evoke, inspire and satisfy.

Subjected to only the most particular of soil and climate conditions, harvested and filtered to discerning specifications, and stored exclusively in 40 percent new French Oak barrels. Fender wines are produced with the same attentiveness and consistency as each of its historic instruments. Grown on hillsides throughout the Sonoma region of California, this 2012 and 2011 vintage produced a collection of ripe, juicy wines that speak to the level of quality, prestige and character for which Fender instruments are known. Like its classic guitars and the sonic formulas from which they are born, each of these distinguished wines prove that some things truly get better with age.

Fender's selection of robust red wines exudes the same opulence and bold character for which Fender guitars are known. Winemakers have opted for the darkest, ripest grapes, which undergo a painstaking fermenting process and whose tannins contribute to the body and flavor of this juicy 2012 vintage. Like Fender's master builders, who craft and shape their instruments with meticulous skill, vintners produce each varietal with impeccable detail for a lasting flavor that resonates on the palate. Fender red wines include: 2012 Fender Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma, 2012 Fender Pinot Noir Sonoma County and 2011 Fender Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel County.

Fender white wine varietal touts a character that embodies the enduring reputation, quality and dependability of each of its instruments. These seedless white grapes can persevere in the most stringent of conditions — a true testament to the quality and consistency behind Fender's legendary guitars. And a pastiche of flavors such as citrus and oak allow this velvety wine to be ably paired or enjoyed during any occasion, making it a true paragon of Fender versatility and functionality. The current Fender white wine offering includes the 2012 Fender Chardonnay Sonoma County.

The remarkable tone of a Fender instrument is always best conveyed through the right accessories. Fender wines are no exception to this philosophy. Just as Fender provides the tools musicians need to shape the sound of Stratocaster® or Telecaster® guitars, there is no better way to bring out every note and nuance of Fender wine than with a fine selection of Fender wine accessories. From wine glasses to cheese boards and more, these products create a sensory experience for Fender fans and wine connoisseurs alike.