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Electro-Harmonix unveils OD Glove pedal

Check out the above video to see Electro-Harmonix's latest pedal, the OD Glove, put through it's paces by the firm's resident effectologist Bill Rupert.

The new stompbox aims to replicate a variety of overdrives, primarily the harmonically rich tones of EL34 tubes in a traditional 'British' (i.e. Marshall) Plexi amp. According to the video, the OD Glove can handle a variety of tasks, from acting as a straight clean boost, to a crunching Stevie Ray-vibe, to a full-on distortion.

9V battery power and a triumvirate of volume, gain and tone controls are all run of the mill specs, but a mids boost mini-switch and an internal 'feel' switch (explained in the video above) offer the now-traditional EHX tweak on the concept.

No details on pricing or availability as yet, but keep an eye on the site for a review in the coming months.