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Dunlop re-introduces Way Huge effects pedals

The Swollen Pickle, Pork Loin and Fat Sandwich
The Swollen Pickle, Pork Loin and Fat Sandwich

The Swollen Pickle. The Pork Loin. The Fat Sandwich. They sound like listings on a deli menu, but they're effects pedals - Way Huge pedals - and thanks to Dunlop, you can order them now.

Way Huge was launched in 1992 by Jeorge Tripps, who was searching for a vintage vibe from modern pedals without sacrificing reliability and durability.

In 1999 Tripps closed the doors on Way Huge, driving the price for its products through the roof. But now that Dunlop has acquired the brand, new editions from the lab are available - and affordable.

The Swollen Pickle is a jumbo fuzz said to surrender copious amounts of boost, crunch and sustain with a super low-end smoothness.

The Pork Loin Softclip Injection Overdrive incorporates a modified classic British preamp sound with a modern soft clipping overdrive effect.

The Fat Sandwich Harmonic Saturator is designed to offer heaps of crunchy distortion, allowing you to find the 'sweet spot' in any guitar and amp combination.

More information, including prices, is available at the official Way Huge website.