Be a 'Roadie Hero' with fake guitar bag

The Roadie: not for real guitars.
The Roadie: not for real guitars.

We're not exactly sure why, but the moment we set eyes on Astro Gaming's new Rock Band/Guitar Hero 'gig bags' we felt like we wanted to have a little cry.

It's probably because these aren't actually gig bags at all - they're cases for video game peripherals.

The Roadie model is designed to accommodate a pair of guitar controllers and a slimline PlayStation 2, while the Mission is a holdall-style bag for your console and other bits and pieces.

We suppose people might mistake you for a musician if you walked down the street carrying these, but it's probably unlikely. In fact, given that Guitar Hero is basically an extension of the 'air guitar' concept, wouldn't it be more appropriate to carry your controller in a tennis racket bag?

Most alarming, perhaps, are the prices for these things: $100 for the Roadie and $130 for the Mission. They'll be available from 15 December, and you can find out more - should you want to - on the Astro Gaming website.

(Via Engadget)

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