KHDK and Joe Duplantier partner for the Gojira Drive to "unlock" his tone

Joe Duplantier
(Image credit: Future / KHDK)

We're not open to debate on it; Gojira's Joe Duplantier is one of the greatest metal guitar players alive. So we're very interested in a signature overdrive pedal he's had input on. Especially with the name Gojira Drive! 

The limited edition – why only 333?! – aims to give players "the trademark Gojira harmonics and an active EQ section with powerful tonal control on your trebles and bass." You may also need custom PAFs, an EVH 5150 and Joe's hands, but let's move on…


(Image credit: KHDK)

"With the all-new circuit, we went beyond the Gojira tone: this harmonic overdrive is versatile and inventive for a variety of tones," adds KHDK. "She will be your trusted companion from pure raging metal to AM radio sound."

Will she now! 

Each pedal is made in KHDK's Prague custom shop with silk-screen, hand-printed graphics and will ship with a 'special surprise in the box'. Oooh, we love a surprise!  

that's in addition to a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Mr Duplantier. 

We'll be talking to Joe all about it soon but don't wait for that. These things are going to move fast over for $249.99 at KHDK

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