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Fulltone unveils “the ultimate OCD” with new CS-OCD-Ge overdrive pedal

Fulltone CS-OCD-Ge front

Fans of Fulltone’s much-cloned OCD circuit will know there are a variety of versions available, but Michael Fuller reckons his latest overdrive pedal is “the ultimate OCD” - meet the CS-OCD-Ge.

Set to be a limited, custom-shop run, the OCD Ge features two MOSFETs, plus two germanium diodes, “a few circuit tweaks” and a metallic teal finish with chrome undercoat.

According to Fuller, the design provides a more tubey feel with a wider dynamic range and more sustain than existing OCD designs.

Early OCDs utilised two MOSFETs and a single germanium diode, so this version promises to hark back to that revered early tone.

The price tag is yet to be confirmed for this one, but release looks likely to be in July. See Fulltone for more info.

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