Flattley Guitar Pedals at Gear Expo 2024: Meet the award-winning boutique effects pedal builder dedicated to tonal excellence

Flattley Guitar Pedals
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GEAR EXPO 2024: Award-winning Flattley Guitar Pedals are based in England, having been founded by Paul Flattley in 2016. We are a family operated business renowned for crafting exceptionally high-quality guitar and bass effects pedals. Our commitment to quality resonates and emphasises the authenticity of our "Made in England".

With over 30 years of experience in the Aviation Avionics sector, Paul Flattley's journey from the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm to effects pedal crafting is marked by unwavering dedication to detail. 

Every Flattley pedal is meticulously hand-crafted and hand-wired, encapsulating Paul's passionate devotion to creating a very personalised product.

As an accomplished musician, Paul understands the nuanced demands of various genres. This insight fuels Flattley's pedal designs, as we aim to give our products the sonic sounds that people want along with functionality, quality assurance and premium bespoke finishes.

The journey of each pedal involves concept, meticulous prototype testing, premium component integration, thorough circuitry testing, and fine-tuning, all dedicated to the brand's signature tonal excellence. 

Flattley The Ace boost pedal

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All our pedals come with halo ring lights, foot topper switches, aluminium knobs and hand-finished graphics as standard. Our silver range graphics are all designed by Phoebe Flattley.

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