Dexibell’s Combo J7 stage keyboard offers unique motorised drawbars

Organ sounds are a crucial part of every gigging keyboard player’s arsenal, but on some stage pianos, they can feel like a bit of an afterthought. Not so Dexibell’s Combo J7, a digital organ that puts vintage tonewheel and transistor organ sounds front and centre and comes with a unique set of motorised drawbars.

The benefits of having these are obvious; when you change preset, the drawbars automatically move to the correct positions, ready and waiting for you to get your hands on. There’s ‘automatic morphing’ between sounds when you switch, and you can also control the faders using an expression pedal.

Of course, this exclusive feature wouldn’t mean much if the sounds themselves weren’t up to scratch, but Dexibell has gone to great lengths to create retro organ tones of the highest quality. Its ‘True To Life’ technology uses 24-bit/48kHz sampling and modelling and offers unlimited polyphony.

The Combo J7 isn’t a just an organ, either - it also contains the VIVO sound set from the company’s digital pianos, and gives you the option to download sounds from the Dexibell sound library free of charge. You can also load sounds in the widely-used SF2 SoundFont format, giving you even more tonal flexibility.

Featuring a quad-core processor, the Combo J7 is a real powerhouse, but with its 10kg weight, it’s also very portable. The 73-note waterfall keyboard gives you plenty of room to express yourself, and you’ll even find an audio recorder/player and Bluetooth connectivity for audio streaming from external sources.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, the Combo J7 is a serious contender, and could be the only keyboard you need to take on stage. Find out more on the Dexibell website.