Coated vs uncoated guitar strings: can you hear the difference?


Elixir® Strings is the leading innovator in coated guitar strings, and its latest sets for electric guitar feature the new, long-lasting and lightweight OPTIWEB™ Coating, which has a natural, playable feel and sounds indistinguishable from uncoated strings*. 

Take the OPTIWEB Coating challenge and see if you can hear the difference:

Compare the audio clips below, then answer a simple question at the bottom of the page to be in with a chance of winning a top-spec, money-can't-buy Custom Elixir Strings 'Screaming E' guitar (shown above), made by Manson Guitar Works, or be one of 20 first testers of the new OPTIWEB Coating and get a free set in your preferred gauge delivered to you.

In Elixir's A/B sound-testing, guitarists couldn't tell the difference between OPTIWEB coated and uncoated electric strings. If you're an uncoated string player, now's the time to take the coated string plunge and hear and feel for yourself.

Your reward is a crisp tone - show after show, natural feel and good grip, as well as consistent and much longer tone life, which means longer string life and fewer string changes. 

Check them out - available 1st March onwards at your retailer. Feel free to share feedback of your listening or playing experience in the comments below or with the world: #elixirstrings #OPTIWEB

For more info on the full Elixir electric guitar string coating family and to compare OPTIWEB to the POLYWEB® and NANOWEB® Coating, head over to the interactive string comparison tool on

*Elixir Strings electric tone and feel field trials.

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