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Calling audio zombies! Are you ready for some audio horror stories?

Depending on your age and appetite for eating sugar, Halloween is either an amazing chance to express your secret costume designer, or it’s that time of year when you turn off the lights and hope no one rings your doorbell because you forgot to buy any candy. After all, this might happen...

But making music means that your horror stories are different than those of everyone else. Or maybe your nightmare is that there is no story at all. No one has any time anymore! How many times have you experienced something like this?  

And even more horror is lurking on your hard drive… just think of all that music you’ve never released!

Pick the audio horror story that best suits you!

The folks at Accusonus live and breathe audio, so they get your real horrors. This is why they not only make mad-science software such as Regroover, drumatom and the ERA series, but they have also created a Halloween special: a free PDF comic booklet with horror stories that only audio zombies can understand! Click below to get your Halloween treat.  

Share your audio horror story

If you have an audio horror story you would like to immortalise, simply send Accusonus an email telling them all about it. Accusonus will choose the best stories submitted in October and create a custom comic for you to share with your fellow audio zombies.

Now, be careful opening that door on Halloween...