Beetronics at VGS 2020

VGS 2020: At our hive in Los Angeles, a Swarm of bees work everyday building unique pedals that look and sound like no other. 

Getting beezy in our LA hive.

Getting beezy in our LA hive. (Image credit: Beetronics)

Aside from the standard Beetronics line, every model is also available from our Custom Shop, where every pedal is hand painted with beeautiful artwork.

Check out these Royal Jelly customs.

Check out these Royal Jelly customs. (Image credit: Beetronics)

We also beelieve that beeauty comes from the inside.

PCB-design inside our Octahive pedal.

PCB-design inside our Octahive pedal. (Image credit: Beetronics)

Fuzz – Madness – Drive - here are some of our coolest machines:

Beetronics Fatbee

(Image credit: Beetronics)

The Fatbee packs the fattest overdrive tones on the smallest bee yet. First pedal on our Babee series, designed in collaboration with the legendary pedal designer Howard Davis.

FATBEE is a JFET drive like no other, breaks up sweet and smooth like a tubee amp. The Fatbee can be used to warm up, sting or buzz any instrument you want! For every hungry bee out there looking to sweeten their tone up, the search is over!

Bee hungry, cause this pedal carries endless tone honey!

Beetronics Swarm

The Swarm is an Analog Fuzz Harmonizer that sounds like a thousand killer bees coming to get you.

Now, that's just the sort of effect to grab an audience's attention and keep it. Sonically, the Swarm takes your signal and turns it into a square wave. It then multiplies and divides the frequency of that wave, giving you nine possible harmonies in two different octaves.

(Image credit: Beetronics)

What's more, modulation is then applied to the harmonies. The tracking can be perfect, smooth, or it can be out of control... Like the aforementioned killer bees.

Training these bees to perform as per your tonal requirements is a piece of cake. The Swarm's enclosure has a Species control for choosing the intervals for your harmonies.

Its Queen and Drone controls set the levels of the two harmonies an octave apart. Sting controls the speed of the modulation's tracking, Flight sets the modulation's response. The side-mounted master knob controls the Swarm's output level.

Beetronics Royal Jelly

(Image credit: Beetronics)

Royal Jelly can cover any ground from overdrive to fuzz, running two circuits in parallel and giving you the possibility of blending it or having them separately.

This really is packed with natural goodness, with two presets, the King and Queen, allowing you to dial in two distinct overdrive/fuzz tones and bring them in and out of your signal via their own independent footswitches.

Royal Jelly has a third footswitch – that's the Buzz Switch, and you step on that when you need some extra high-end nastiness to cut through the mix.

The global EQ offers a wide sweep of tones, with the Lo dial boosting or cutting 10dB at 80Hz, the Hi boosting or cutting 10dB at 2kHz. The Dry control only adds to the Royal Jelly's versatility. Park that fuzz in the background of a clean guitar signal for some beautifully textured cleans.

Beetronics OctaHive

(Image credit: Beetronics)

The OctaHive is a super high-gain fuzz with a well pronounced high pitch octave. Just flick the toggle switch on the side of the enclosure to engage the octave mode.

Inspired by the 70s Tycobrahe Octavia, the OctaHive is one that will play like honey for fans of Hendrix looking to colour their solos with a little purple haze. Dial back on the gain and there are some cool ring mod overtones that bring interesting textures to your tone.

Switch the octave effect off and the OctaHive shows a different side to its fuzz, with a sound pitched somewhere between vintage and modern, with all the warmth and thickness you could hope for. 

Beetronics WhoctaHell

WhoctaHell is the very first Beetronics product. It’s an overdrive/fuzz summed up with a gnarly squared wave low octave, resembling an 8-bit bass synthesizer.

The octave function has a fair bit of range – go down an octave, or take it further and go down two octaves. It also has its own independent footswitch on the enclosure, so you can bring it in and our of your fuzz sound.

(Image credit: Beetronics)

Of course, things get really interesting when you start blending both fuzz and the low octave effect. Indie and alternative rockers will love it, so too will Super Mario fans looking for videogame tones.

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