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Audio Sprockets’ ToneDexter pedal promises to make your acoustic’s piezo pickup sound more like a mic’d guitar

Audio Sprockets has announced an update to its ToneDexter acoustic preamp, which promises to improve the sound of an acoustic instrument pickup.

The pedal aims to make piezo pickups sound more like a mic’d acoustic instrument, utilising WaveMap technology.

Different WaveMap sounds can be saved for easy recall, while ToneDexter also offers feedback-busting features for live playing.

The latest version of the ToneDexter software allows processed sounds to be blended with raw pickup sound via the Character control, as well as a number of other operational tweaks.

It’s designed for use with guitar, dobro, viola, cello, bazouki, mandola, mandocello and baritone guitar, while there are additional software versions for higher-pitched instruments such as violin, mandolin, banjo and ukulele, as well as for upright bass.

The ToneDexter is available for $399 direct from Audio Sprockets.

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