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Audient teams up with industry professionals to offer Tutorial Hub for free

Discovering and learning new things on the internet is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse. Audient has decided to make it even easier, by bringing together an ever growing collection of articles and videos for us audio enthusiasts, named The Audient Tutorial Hub. The best thing about it? It is completely free and accessible to everyone!

As well as designing and manufacturing pro audio gear from audio interfaces to large format recording consoles, Audient has searched for some of the key topics that people often struggle with, and has presented detailed explanations in an easy to understand package. 

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However, alongside the technical articles, Audient has collaborated with leading professionals from all areas of the audio industry ranging from chart topping producers right through to box office composers, who offer exclusive insights into a variety of topics.

Discover songwriting and production tips from Jake Gosling who has produced the likes of Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes and Shania Twain, get advice on how to prepare your band for the studio, or better yet, how you go about creating your own home studio, and loads more.

Here are a few choice picks from the growing selection of tutorials...

Snare re-amping mix trick with Cenzo Townshend

You’ve probably heard of re-amping a guitar, but what about a snare drum? In this video, award winning mix engineer Cenzo Townshend (Kaiser Chiefs, Passenger, George Ezra) takes you through the process of re-amping a snare to get some ‘natural’ reverb in a mix. Be sure to check out the other videos in this series for some great mix advice.

Recording Foley for the Night Manager

This video with Feet First Foley explores the concepts of foley, the art of adding sound effects to film and TV, and goes through the process of recording all these sounds for a scene from AMC’s The Night Manager. 

You won’t hear even the simplest of sound effects in the same way again after this.

What is Clocking?

Thinking about expanding your audio setup? Then you will need to have a grasp on the concepts of clocking two digital devices together. This tutorial goes through the various things you need to think about to get two devices communicating properly in your studio setup.

Ash Soan: Session drumming and recording

This is a fascinating look into the work of renowned session drummer Ash Soan from his journey into session drumming for people like Adele, Seal, James Morrison and more, to a tour of his brilliant sounding and looking recording studio, to some advice for those wanting to get into home recording. 

Talking about the Tutorial Hub, Audient Marketing Manager Andy Allen says “Anyone can benefit – even if you aren’t (yet) an Audient customer. No matter what your experience, there is always something new to learn, so if you’re looking to brush up on your mixing skills, learn more about tracking guitars or if you simply want an insight into other professionals’ recording process, it’s all there – completely free – on the Tutorial Hub.”

Audient are regularly updating the Tutorial Hub with new content from all over the industry, so grab a hot drink, have a browse, and discover something new to help inspire you with your own audio creations.