Audient iD44 - for the creatives

To showcase the capabilities of the iD44 audio interface, Audient recorded UK rock band Homebound using iD44 as the hub of the recording setup. 

Expanding iD44 with Audient’s two 8 channel mic preamps ASP880 and ASP800, along with a Hearback system for artist headphone monitoring, they were able to record a full band session with amazing results. 

Find out more about iD44 on the Audient website.

Audient was founded in 1997 by David Dearden and Gareth Davies. They had previously been founding partners of DDA – a company best known for designing mixing consoles in the 1980s and 1990s. The first Audient console was hand built by David Dearden in a garage, word spread and we are still making them to this day. 

After seeing the massive success our analogue consoles and the David Dearden designed Audient Console mic pre we thought "why not take that mic pre design and put it in a desktop package?" So that's exactly what we did and our award winning rack mount mic pre's and audio interfaces, the 'iD range' was born and we're proud to say that our customers are getting a real piece of analogue heritage on their desktops.