Audient at Recording Week 2023: A new way of doing things – take your audio seriously with Audient’s EVO Range

Audient Rec Week
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What is the Audient EVO range?

RECORDING WEEK 2023: The EVO range was originally created in order to rip up the playbook on 2in-2out interfaces, and use advanced technology to deliver something really innovative. Our aim was to assist new users to get set up and recording as quickly as possible, with features like: Smartgain, which automatically sets your gain levels; the EVO Control app, enabling control of EVO’s hardware via a companion software app; and the addition of Audio Loop-back with simplified loopback control, whilst ensuring the audio performance is the best in class.

Our goal was, and still very much is, to simplify the often intimidating world of audio and provide a more user-friendly product for those who want to focus on being creative. Hence, the effort we put into simplifying the jargon and the product's functionality as well as industrial design of the entire product range. 

We believe technology shouldn’t get in the way of the creative process, it should enhance it and most importantly be accessible, no matter your skill level or artform. Whatever instrument you look to record, the EVO range was created to ensure you attain studio quality results with the greatest of ease.

EVO is backed by over 25 years of engineering experience. Our analogue mic preamp has been designed to deliver the most accurate, clean and true to source version of your audio, no matter what you’re recording so you can experience stunning sound quality, right across our EVO range. 



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The EVO 4 is astonishingly simple to use. Packing two award winning EVO mic preamps alongside our advanced converter technology, EVO 4 takes your audio seriously. If you’re a singer songwriter, guitarist or engineer looking to record stunning sound quality every time then this 2in-2out is for you. With its intelligent mic preamps (that set their own levels with Smartgain), easy to navigate controls and a powerful range of professional must-have features, the EVO 4 isn’t just another audio interface - it’s an entirely new way of doing things. 


Audient EVO 8

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This professional, incredibly powerful, and totally portable 4-channel audio interface is designed for recording music at home or on the go. With four award-winning EVO Mic preamps and our advanced converter technology, you get studio-quality results from the get-go. The intelligent mic preamps set their own levels with Smartgain, and easy-to-navigate controls make using the EVO 8 a breeze. Plus, it packs a powerful range of professional must-have features.

EVO 16

Audient EVO

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Building on the EVO 4 and EVO 8, we wanted to super-size the EVO concept. Since the EVO 16’s launch back in June 2022 this beast of an interface has racked up a number of awards. Offering an intuitive user experience, professional sound and technical quality you’d expect from Audient, with plenty more I/O than its smaller counterparts. And yet, it still fits firmly into the “affordable” audio interface category. 

With the EVO 16’s intelligent mic preamps that set their own levels with Smartgain, the all new, groundbreaking Motion UI control system, and enough I/O firepower to tackle even the biggest of sessions, EVO 16 is truly a studio powerhouse especially for taking on those looking to record drums or take on those larger session.


Audient SP8

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Bigger sessions demand more channels and expanding your existing audio interface via ADAT might be the most cost effective solution to scale up your studio. This year the EVO SP8 was launched to provide eight mic/line inputs, eight line outputs and 2 x ADAT connections, giving you enough I/O firepower to easily tackle multi-mic sessions like recording drums, or taking on a full band.

EVO Expanded System

Create a seamless recording rig by pairing the EVO 16 Audio Interface with 1 or 2 EVO SP8 Mic Preamps. This innovative setup unlocks an impressive 24 channels for both inputs and outputs, allowing you to confidently handle extensive multi-mic recording sessions while maintaining pristine audio quality. 

What sets this cutting-edge system apart is its affordability, offering remarkable value compared to similar alternatives. Throughout the entire EVO Range, our products are driven by the lightning-fast Smartgain algorithm. Smartgain utilises advanced peak analysis to automatically evaluate, fine-tune, and optimise your gain levels with unparalleled precision. 

With the EVO Expanded System, you can effortlessly tap into the power of Smartgain on up to 24 channels simultaneously, all in under 20 seconds, streamlining the recording process for drums and larger sessions.

For more information on the entire Audient EVO range head over to the Audient website.

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