Ampeg at VGS 2020

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VGS 2020: There are few names as synonymous with bass amplification as Ampeg. From the company's humble beginnings in 1946 right through to the present day, the company's amplification is visible the world over and remains the first choice for many players. 

Whether bassists are looking for the vintage sounds of the '60s and '70s, courtesy of the B-15 Portaflex combo, or the hair-shaking, trouser-flapping delivery of an SVT setup with an 8x10 'fridge' cabinet, Ampeg remains their first port of call. After all, they amplified the bass-lines that have lasted a lifetime!

(Image credit: Ampeg)

Iconic is sometimes an overused term but when used regarding the Ampeg brand, the description is soundly justified. This is why Ampeg products are found in recording studios around the world and remain the first choice for many artists and producers. 

Similarly, backline hire companies continue to state that Ampeg is their number one requested bass amplification brand. With amplifiers that provide rich and colourful bass-tones, tonal sculpting and essential features to allow the player to practice privately and to connect external sound sources, the player's requirements are effectively provided for. 

Match this flexibility with a range of cabinets and different speaker formats to suit all musical styles, addressing factors such as portability, broadness of tone and delivery of the bass signal, and it is clear why so many players rely on the solidity and flexibility of the Ampeg brand, across the Bassamp, Classic and Heritage ranges.

(Image credit: Ampeg)

As technology opens up increased potential to reinvent, Ampeg stands alongside Yamaha and Line 6 to offer musicians the opportunity to integrate the legendary Ampeg tones and sounds into their productions. 

Amp modelling, courtesy of the Helix platform, now means the Ampeg sound is reproducible anywhere and at any time. And as further opportunities arise with improved connectivity and modelling, the Ampeg sound can become an even greater part of more musicians' musical landscapes.

Peter Hook & The Light

Peter Hook: Having conducted the first Yamaha Open House Online experience in August 2020, featuring Ampeg artist Peter Hook (Peter Hook & The Light, New Order, Joy Division) and conversations with Mr Ampeg, Dino Monoxelos (Brand Marketing Manager), Yamaha and Ampeg are delighted to bring conversation and performances from some of Ampeg's most famous users to the Virtual Guitar Show 2020. 

First up, Peter Hook performs a selection of New Order and Joy Division mega-hits with his own band, The Light, as well as giving an insightful interview into his career and why he chooses to use Yamaha basses and Ampeg amplification.

SVT Time

SVT: 'Ampeg - SVT Time' is a 'not to be missed' feature with the likes of Darryl Jones (The Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, Sting), Ava Gardener (Pink!) and Jon Button (The Who, Roger Daltrey, Sheryl Crow) alongside Dino. 

Check out previously recorded episodes on the Ampeg TV YouTube channel for a flavour of what we have in store for the show!

Plus, we have a remarkable insight into the birth of the first ever SVT in the ‘60s with a compelling SVTea Time interview with the “father of the SVT” Ampeg designer Bill Hughes.