Add speed to your guitar solos with this three-notes-per-string lesson

Three-notes-per-string scale shapes aren't just great for building up your speed and dexterity on guitar, they can be used for developing interesting melodic solo ideas too. Young British guitar YouTuber and Elixir® Strings artist Cameron Cooper has some great insight to share on this technique in the lesson above.

As Cameron demonstrates, these scales are a great way to move around the fretboard fluidly, repeating shapes across the strings for stunning results. This short tutorial with Elixir® Strings introduces a basic three-notes-per-string pattern and showcases how it can be used to write catchy melodic parts that will help your solos shine – using slides, bends and other expressive techniques.

(Image credit: Elixir® Strings)

In addition to hosting a successful YouTube channel and working as a guitar tutor, Cameron is a member of upcoming metallers Lake Domain. The band released their debut single Heroes and its follow-up Falling earlier this year. He uses Elixir® Strings with OPTIWEB® Coating on his Charvel guitars.

"Elixir OPTIWEBs were a breakthrough for me," reveals Cameron. "Thanks to the coating they feel great, last for months and almost never break. I'd rather have them than anything else."

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