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7 tips for troubleshooting why your electric guitar won’t stay in tune

Keeping your electric guitar in tune is a crucial part of playing the instrument, and being able to pinpoint and fix any problems will improve its sound and playability.

In the video above, professional guitar technician and international roadie Ryan Huddleston shares seven tips to troubleshoot why your electric guitar won’t stay in tune.

Ryan covers a number of key areas to investigate, including fitting new strings, checking the nut and setting up your tremolo system.

For recording and touring, Ryan uses Elixir Optiweb Coated Strings for their long-lasting tone and playing feel.

“I’ve been around the world many times with some of the biggest names in music, and I always take Elixir Strings,” says Ryan.

“They sound incredible, stay in tune and I really like how they feel. Since they’re coated, they don’t suffer the typical problems of other strings, so I recommend them to everyone.”

Ryan Huddleston is a professional audio engineer, technician and backline specialist, as well as an accomplished recording and performing musician.

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