Jimmie Vaughan Plays Blues Ballads And Favorites review

Jimmie Vaughan

Plays Blues, Ballads And Favorites


Jimmie Vaughan lovingly crafts his jukebox sounds

When great blues players return to their roots for a set of covers of the records they really love, you have a right to expect something special - the precedent has been set by everyone from Clapton to BB King. And with Jimmie Lee's fourth solo album (and first studio release in nine years), you aren't going to be disappointed.

The Texan blues-stringer has filtered his love of jumpin' blues and rock 'n' roll party music from his days as Texas's hottest player with the T-Birds, and every cut demonstrates why. Approaching covers of Little Richard, Jimmy Reed, Willie Nelson and Billy 'The Kid' Emerson among many others, and mixing in a self-penned instrumental for good measure, there's lean and mean phrasing, classic clean Strat bite, soulful vocals, taut horns and masterful feel oozing from every cut.

Standout tracks: The Pleasure's All Mine, I'm Leavin' It Up To You, Comin' & Goin', Just A Little Bit

For fans of: Jimmy Reed, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Johnny 'Guitar' Watson