MXR M234 Analog Chorus

Somewhere between the minimalist Micro Chorus and the larger format Stereo Chorus, MXR's new Analog Chorus combines a pedalboard-friendly compactness with the control provided by five knobs.


With true analogue bucket brigade technology onboard, juxtaposition of the rate and depth controls gives a wide range of familiar classy chorus tones. But it's the other three knobs that sweeten the deal, with the two EQ knobs putting the tone in the zone and the level knob adding in as little or as much effect as you want, from a subtle shift in your tone to a full-on ensemble sound.

A versatile, quality box for those looking to add some chorus to their pedalboard.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Small footprint for a five-knob pedal; useful tone controls.


Four-screw battery access.


Compact and adaptable - an excellent piece of kit.

Country of Origin


Available Controls

Cut Depth Level Rate

Battery/Adaptor Type

9V Battery



Unit Power Source

9V DC Adaptor

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