Jetter GS3

Like its sister pedal, the Jetdrive, the GS3 has two channels that can be used independently or cascaded, with each one having a unique voice and gain structure.

More flexibility is provided by a third footswitch that operates an overall bypass regardless of the on/off status of the channels. Each channel is capable of producing usefully different sounds.

"With two channels cascaded there's a huge palette of full-bodied overdrive available."

Both function nicely as clean boosts and, while channel one features the milder overdrive and a rear-panel 'cut' knob that controls presence, channel two is higher gain and is voiced not unlike a Marshall 'Plexi'.

With two channels cascaded there's a huge palette of full-bodied overdrive available.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Versatile switching. Two overdrives in one housing. Wide range of tones.


The cut knob is a bit fiddly.


Three levels of dirt in a single pedal with excellent onstage switching options.

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Available Controls

Cut Gain Tone Volume

Available Inputs

Input Jack

Available Outputs

Output Jack

Unit Power Source

9V DC Adaptor

Available Channels

Twin Channel



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