Stagg DT220RM

Are you sitting comfortably? You will be - his throne's cushion is deep

The DT220RM throne from Chinese manufacturer Stagg hails from the top end of the company's hardware range. It sits on a chunky tripod and features a cut-away triangular seat.

This seat is a hefty 95mm deep, making it very accommodating for the long practice/gig haul, although the review model did have some loose thread poking out from one of the seams (the seam itself was intact). The operating heights are 48.5 to 67.5cm and the throne is available with a backrest, too.

MusicRadar Rating

3 / 5 stars

Extremely comfortable.


Some loose thread from the seam (probably a one-off)


The optional backrest and mega-deep cushion make this throne ideal for the long-haul.

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The operating heights are 48.5 to 67.5cm



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